HostW3 has a reputation for quick response times, exemplary customer service and an outstanding array of affordable products. In the quest to lower our customer’s overall Internet business-related expenses, we are now proud to announce our partnership with IntelliCollect / United Bank Card, the most affordable merchant account available.

Through IntelliCollect / United Bank Card, you not only can obtain the lowest merchant account rates but receive excellent, merchant-friendly service. They have no start-up fee and no cancellation or termination fee, so any business owner can open a merchant account with them at no risk. IntelliCollect / United Bank Card strives to be the Walmart of electronic payment processing (in terms of pricing).

Top choice for Merchant Account Providers: Intelli-Collect
5 Star Rating

Application fee: $ 0
Setup fee: $ 0
Annual fee: (Waived batch fee) $ 15
Discount percentage: 2.14%
Transaction fee: (Waived AVS fee) $.20
Monthly statement fee: $ 9.95
Gateway setup fee: $ 0
Monthly gateway fee: $ 5
Monthly minimum fee: (If you process over $200 per month, this minimum should be satisfied) $ 5
Gateway terminal:
Card types: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Extra setup charge for American Express or Discover $ 0
Online checks: Yes, no setup fee
Shopping cart: Yes
Virtual terminal (Process orders over phone, fax, email or mail) Yes

Top 5 reasons we chose this company:

  1. Lowest Total Monthly Fees
  2. Lowest Transaction Fees
  3. Waived fees such as Batch and AVS
  4. $0 set up fee for / Gateway
  5. No hidden charges, super friendly service

IntelliCollect “Can’t be Beat” Rates for Internet and Mail Order / Telephone Order (Moto) Merchants:

The aforementioned rates are not teaser rates! They will only change if Visa and MasterCard raise their Interchange rates (i.e., rate the merchant’s acquiring bank pays the customer’s card issuing bank … in essence, our “buy rates”).

Sign Up Now and take advantage of the lowest credit card processing rates found in the merchant account field.

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