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Join our Merchant Account Affiliate Program and start selling Merchant Accounts to small businesses

Merchant Account Affiliate Program

Successful affiliate marketers are on an incessant quest to find profitable niches and the merchant account field is prime territory to stake a claim. Indeed, our merchant account affiliate program, in particular, should satisfy the most discriminating affiliate marketer as we offer generous commission, easy-to-use marketing tools, valuable online reporting, and comprehensive support. Look at all the benefits that we offer, including 20% of the gross residual revenue share!

Many merchant account affiliate programs highlight your residual split as a percentage of their profit – not the total profit from any given account. In contrast, we offer a true residual split where you're earning a percentage of the TOTAL REVENUE from ALL SIGNED ACCOUNTS.

A company highlights 30% commission but it’s taken from their profit, say 50% of the total revenue. (Their parent company or banking partner gets the other 50%). Therefore, they’re really only offering (.3 x .5 = .15) or 15% to you.

Again, we’re offering a true commission percentage based on the total gross revenue.



Our merchant account affiliate program will now be handled directly by our parent company, PowerPay, as they simply have more resources at their disposal to help you succeed in any merchant account affiliate venture. PowerPay will also manage all affiliate-related sales channels where experienced, enthusiastic professionals will interact with prospective clients and inevitably land their share of accounts where you'll derive financial benefit.

Just check out our generous commission percentage:

You’ll now earn 20% Commission for the Lifetime of the Contract

Many other merchant account affiliate programs only share a percentage of what they themselves earn. In contrast, we're sharing a true percentage of the TOTAL GROSS REVENUE generated from all accounts - month after month – indefinitely, until any given merchant closes the account. Now, you will accrue 20% of all revenue earned by each and every account for the lifetime of the merchant contract. PowerPay also alternatively offers a fixed payment plan for a successful referred lead but the amount varies, depending on the merchant’s processing volume.

Affiliate Launch – Let’s Go

Once you sign up as a trusted partner, you will receive an individual Affiliate ID# and a link to your dedicated affiliate landing page. PowerPay will also offer you everything you need for integration: email and social networking swipe copy, webinars, banner ads that can be easily incorporated into any of your mediums, and relevant contact information so that you may interact with responsive affiliate managers.

Your job is straightforward: To secure leads, showcasing PowerPay's merchant account service using online and/or offline marketing. You’ll then pass the baton to us where PowerPay sales professionals will do their job to the best of their abilities: land accounts to grow the mutual residual pot.

Stream of Revenue Flows Directly to You

We have many successful affiliate partners and your earning possibilities are endless although no guarantee or promise can be made regarding any given level of income that you'll reach. However, through your ambition, drive, creativity, and marketing prowess, lead generation can easily translate to income generation. Payments are deposited directly into the bank of your choice on a monthly basis.

IntelliCollect is an authorized agent of PowerPay.
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