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When you accept credit cards over the Internet, a gateway fee will be assessed. Some merchant account providers quote a monthly fee, deliberately leaving out the gateway cost. You need to know the total monthly fee, including the gateway expense.
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Accept credit cards anywhere with your

Intelli-Collect.com / PowerPay merchant account

When performing a merchant account comparison, business owners consistently report that we rank among those with the:

checkmark merchant
account  Lowest Retail Rates*
checkmark merchant account  Lowest Internet Rates*
checkmark merchant account  Lowest MOTO & Dial Pay Rates*
checkmark merchant account  Lowest Mobile Fees*

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    best merchant account
  1. Rank among the lowest Credit Card Processing, Discount and Transaction Fees
  2. Hard to beat, Low Credit Card Processing Monthly Fee
  3. Waived Merchant Account Fees such as Batch and AVS
  4. $0.00 Setup Fee for Authorize.net Gateway
  5. No Cancellation or Termination Fee!
  6. "Interchange Plus" or "Straight Pass Through" Cost Models Available
  7. No Hidden Charges, Super Friendly Service, and easy application process
Low merchant fees with Intelli-Collect / PowerPay

Affordable for any business!

Perfect price, stellar service – The cost of business just got less. In the last decade, we’ve developed a well-deserved reputation as an affordable merchant account provider offering cost-effective credit card processing rates – designed for any small business.

Small or Large  

Small or Large - Whether you need a small business merchant account or one for a mid-sized or large company, our merchant account will dramatically lower your credit card processing expenses. As we have no application fee and no cancellation or termination fee, our service is truly risk-free.

Low Merchant Rates

  • Best Merchant Account Authorize.net ($0 startup, low monthly gateway fee)
  • Best Merchant Account Retail ($0 startup, low monthly fee, PCI compliance fee waived if you use a terminal connected to a landline).
  • Best Merchant Account Wireless (PCI compliance fee waived for wireless and mobile accounts)
  • Best Merchant Account Restaurant (Interchange cost model available for restaurants)
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Thinking of Switching?

Thinking of Switching Merchant Account Providers? We offer a no-obligation FREE analysis of your current credit account statements and we'll tell you how much money you can save each month! If we can’t save you money on your processing-related costs (highly unlikely), we’ll let you Know, too. It may be possible for you to keep any equipment you’re using when you switch to our merchant account service.

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Internet merchant accounts
Internet Merchant Account

We provide the Authorize.net gateway and virtual terminal for no upfront cost and our $5 monthly
Authorize.net cost may be the cheapest price available.
Our total Internet merchant account monthly cost is less than $20, and this price includes PCI compliance! Find out why we’re the best Authorize.net reseller.

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Low Credit Card Processing Fees offered by
Dial Pay Merchant Account

If you’re looking for a small business merchant account and only anticipate accepting credit cards now and then, you’ll find our dial pay merchant account program an irresistible option. You simply call a toll-free number and follow voice prompts to facilitate transfer of your customers’ payments. At $10 per month with no PCI compliance fee or monthly minimum, you can simply and affordably process credit cards.
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Virtual Point of Sale
Credit Card Terminal for Small Business Merchant
Point of Sale Merchant Account

While you can swipe your customers’ credit cards using a stationary or wireless terminal, you can also use our Authorize.net virtual point of sale. Here, your laptop becomes a point of sale device as you swipe credit cards using a Magtek card reader. You can also accept credit cards with certain smart phones, such as iPhone and Android units. Moreover, you can even process credit cards with your iPad. (You just need to purchase a credit card swiper separately and obtain the appropriate application.) Credit card processing technology continues to evolve!
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